Father’s Day Lunch 12.11.2017

Welcome to enjoy Father’s Day lunch at Brasserie L’amour in three seatings: at 11.30, 14.00 ja 16.30

Starters from buffet

Citrus-marinated salmon and fennel with orange
Pepper beef from Tyysteri
Potato salad with smoked sour cream
Marinated red cabbage and apple
Salty cupcakes with bacon and mushrooms
Roasted pumpkin and feta cheese
Green salad and honey vinaigrette
House bread and beetroot hummus

Main courses, served to table

Dad’s pepper steak
Cod, shrimps, egg and horseradish
Truffle risotto with golden beetroot

Dessert, served to table

Chocolate cake, blackcurrant and créme fraiche sorbet

Price 42 €/person


For kids:

Children under 12 years old menu -50 %
Kid’s L’amour buger, french fries and ketchup 12 €

L’amour ice cream portion 5 €